Our selection criteria objective

RISE Netball Club will run grading/trials for both existing and new players 26th May 2021 to select teams for the upcoming Parkville 2021 Spring season from the athletes who demonstrate the required levels of competencies for RISE junior teams.

RISE will enter teams in the Parkville 2021 Spring season in the following age sections, dependent on successful trialists:

  • 11&U – Athletes born in 2010 or later

  • 13&U – Athletes born in 2008 or later

  • 15&U – Athletes born in 2006 or later


Our selection policy to ensure fairness

  • The RISE Netball Club junior teams will comprise of between 8 and 10 athletes.

  • The selection panel will comprise a minimum of 3 selectors with one being independent and not associated to the RISE Netball Club.


Our selection procedure

The selection process for the RISE Netball Club teams for Parkville 2021 Spring season will be performed at grading/trials 26th May at Whitten Oval

Successful trialists will be offered a place in a RISE Netball team via email. The offer will advise the team coach, the age section of the team. The division will be determined by Parkville[1]. 

Unsuccessful trialists will also receive notification and can:

  • Join the waitlist for 2nd round offers (should they be offered) or as fill-in players; or

  • Trial again in future RISE Netball Club trials.


[1] Parkville Association will have final say on team division and may differ from what was requested by RISE Netball Club Inc.


Our selection criteria details

The following are the desired competencies and qualities for the athletes, the positions and the team combination:

  • Core competencies – sound quality of technical skill and consistency of performance; incorporates flair and innovation in their game; etc

  • Personal qualities – strong work ethic; discipline; demonstrates team qualities; etc