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At RISE Netball Club it’s not about being THE best. It’s about being YOUR best.


RISE Netball Club is committed to pulling together like-minded junior athletes and challenging each of them to be the best that they can be – as an individual and as a team.


RISE will work in partnership with the associations to ensure our RISE teams are each placed in the correct division so that they play competitively in every game of the season.


RISE believes being a great netballer requires training in multiple aspects and our training sessions will focus on each of these areas: 

  • Ball and court skills 

  • Physical fitness and strength to endure a full, competitive game 

  • Understanding the strategies of netball and how to read game-play 

  • Mindset and personal confidence to build resilience that can be taken into all facets of life


The coach is an integral part of the success of a team. At RISE we seek out coaches who have a passion for giving back to develop players and bring positive team dynamics. RISE invests in our coaches to ensure they are teaching the right skills for the athlete’s level of development and ensure the skills are taught in the right way. Our expectation is our coaches will continue to learn and grow in their coaching techniques by attaining Netball Australia accreditation and regularly attending coaching workshops.