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As a parent of a valued RISE Netball Club player,

  • I understand that my child should be involved in organised activities for their enjoyment, not mine and I will support their interests in playing at RISE according to the rules

  • I will reinforce to my child that an honest effort is as important as victory and encourage them to always play

  • I will support all efforts to remove physical and verbal abuse from the game

  • I understand that RISE is a child safe club and has a zero tolerance approach to any behaviour which compromises child safety.


Training & Games

  • I will positively represent the RISE Club and it’s values

  • I will show respect to opposition players, umpires, parents and coaches

  • I will focus on my child’s efforts and performance rather that the overall outcome of a game.

  • I will never ridicule any child for their performance

  • I will support the provision of age appropriate training and development of players

  • I will ensure my child regularly attends training sessions, is on time for training and games, and has the appropriate uniform / equipment on game day

  • I will ensure that my child has participated in appropriate warm up activities as directed by their coach prior to taking the court on game day



  • I will respond to all club communications in a timely manner and direct my own communications via the team app to the team manager in the first instance.

  • If I disagree with a coaching decision, I will raise the issue through the appropriate channels and at the appropriate time (Team Managers as first point of contact) rather than question the coach’s judgement in a public environment.

  • I will be courteous in communication with administrators, coaches, players and umpires

  • I will remember that children learn best by example and role model appropriate behaviours

  • I will demonstrate respect for the value and importance of volunteer administrators, coaches and umpires.


Breaches of this Code

Repeated disregard for the expectations outlined in this Code of Conduct will result in a review of parent alignment with Club values and may put at risk your child’s inclusion in a RISE team.

Any act, which jeopardises the physical or emotional safety and well being of others, particularly children, will result in immediate expulsion from RISE Netball Club.



As a valued RISE Netball Club player,

  • I will listen to my coaches’ instructions during training and games. 

  • I will not engage in the use of crude, foul or abusive language that may be deemed offensive or engage in any conduct detrimental to the image of the game when on or off the field.

  • I will never argue with the umpire regarding decisions they make.

  • I will treat participants, officials and spectators with respect.

  • I will play by the laws of the game.

  • I will cooperate with my coach, teammates, umpires and officials at all times.

  • I will be a good sport at all times.

  • I will play for the fun of it and not just to please parents and coaches.



As a valued RISE Netball Club coach,

  • I will treat all players with respect at all times.   Be honest and consistent with them.  Honour all promises and commitments, both verbal and written.

  • I will promote a climate of mutual support and respect among my players.   Encourage players to respect one another and to expect respect for their worth as individuals regardless of their level of play.

  • I will encourage and facilitate players’ independence and responsibility for their own behaviour, performance, decisions and actions. 

  • I will involve the players in decisions that affect them. 

  • I will determine in consultation with the players, what information is confidential and respect that confidentiality.

  • I will provide feedback to players in a caring sensitive manner to their needs.  Avoid overly negative feedback.

  • I will refrain from any form of personal abuse towards players. This includes verbal, physical and emotional abuse.   Be alert to any forms of abuse directed toward your players from other sources while they are in your care.   (Abide by Netball Victoria Member Protection Regulation).

  • I will refrain from any form of harassment towards your players.  Treat all players fairly within the context of their sporting activities, regardless of gender, race, place of origin, athletic potential, colour, sexual orientation, religion political beliefs, socio-economic status and other condition (Abide by Netball Victoria Member Protection Regulation).

  • I will at all times use appropriate training methods which will benefit the players and avoid those which could be harmful.   Ensure that the tasks, training, equipment and facilities are safe and suitable for age, experience, ability and physical and psychological conditions of the players. 

  • I will ensure that the players time spent with you is a positive experience.   All players are deserving of equal attention and opportunities.  Provide training and game opportunities that ensure everyone has a reasonable chance to succeed and to improve/acquire skills and develop confidence. 

  • I will discourage the use of alcohol, tobacco and illegal substances.  

  • I will recognise individual differences in players and always think of the player’s long-term best interests.

  • I will set challenges for each player which are both achievable and motivating.

  • I will at all times act as a role model that promotes the positive aspects of sport and netball by maintaining the highest standard of personal conduct and projecting a favourable image of netball and of coaching at all times. 

  • I will encourage players to develop and maintain integrity in their relationship with others.

  • I will respect other coaches and always act in a manner characterised by courtesy and good faith. 

  • I will accept and respect the role of officials in ensuring that competitions are conducted fairly and according to established rules.    Know and abide by netball rules, regulations and standards and encourage players to do likewise. 

  • I will make a commitment to providing a quality service to players.   Provide a training program which is planned and sequential. 

  • I will be fair, considerate and honest in all dealing with others. 

  • I will be professional in, and accept responsibility for your actions.   Your language, presentation, manners and punctuality should reflect high standards. 

  • I will refrain from any behaviour that may bring the Club into disrepute. 

  • I will not use my involvement with the Club to promote my own beliefs, behaviours or practices where these are inconsistent with those of the Club.  

  • I will demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility, especially when dealing with persons under 18 years of age, as your words and actions are an example. 

  • I will develop a positive sporting environment by allowing for the special needs of players (especially children) by emphasising enjoyment and by providing appropriate development and competitive experiences. 

  • I will avoid unaccompanied and unobserved activities with persons under 18 years of age, whenever possible.

  • I will follow the advice of a physician when determining if an injured player is ready to recommence participation (training or play).

  • I will ensure my training sessions are based on safe and sensible/appropriate coaching principles.

  • I will make a personal commitment to keep myself informed of sound coaching principles and the principles of growth and development of my players i.e. by updating accreditation, attending workshops and courses.

  • I will be a positive role model. 

  • I will show concern and caution towards others who may be sick or injured.

  • I will recognise and respect individual differences in opinions.

  • I will maintain strict impartiality.

  • I will emphasize fair play by all players in all netball activities and games.  

  • I will maintain the confidentiality of matters between you as the Coach and the RISE Committee at all times and respect that confidentiality.

  • I will resolve conflicts fairly and promptly through the Clubs’ Dispute Resolution Procedure.

  • I will report any grievances promptly to the club secretary, to be dealt with confidentially using appropriate procedures. 

  • I will understand the repercussions if you breach, or are aware of any breaches of this Code of Conduct.

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