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"Umpiring has taught me many skills; communication, responsibility, leadership and adaptability. I have been fully supported as I learned, which has given me confidence in myself."

Poppy, Rise Umpire, aged 14


Each team playing at Parkville Netball is required to provide an umpire for their games.

RISE Netball Club is committed to our club members (players and family members) having first priority to fill these umpiring positions, rather than sourcing umpires externally. This provides a pathway to becoming a badged umpire, is a great way to give back to the game and is a terrific personal development opportunity. Umpires are paid for their service so it’s also a fun part time job, with many benefits (see below)!

Steps to becoming an umpire are:
1.    Purchase a copy of the Rules of Netball handbook and prepare for the Umpire Theory exam
2.    Complete the “Foundation Umpire Education Course”, available online

3.    Attend a practical Umpire training course (usually offered during school holidays by Parkville Netball 

       (contact for details)
4.    Practise umpiring at training

When you’re feeling comfortable, confident, and ready to take to the sidelines as an umpire, let the RISE Umpire Co-ordinator know and you’ll be added to the umpire roster, starting with younger age groups and lower divisions then gradually working your way up to older age groups and higher divisions.

Poppy's umpiring journey


"I started umpiring about 2 years ago and I have truely enjoyed every second. The umpiring community has been extremely supportive and worked consistently with me until I was confident enough to be on my own. The association has always made me feel supported and this gave me confidence in myself. Through umpiring I have met a wide variety of new people and have made some good friends.

I have learnt many great skills,  improved my communication, responsibility and leadership. I have had to deal with many issues on the netball court through umpiring and at first it was difficult, particularly hearing comments from the sideline,  however overtime I have learned to adapt to the circumstances.

Overall umpiring is a journey which I have loved everyday and would highly recommend for anyone to try."

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