We wanted something that would look good on every body and we think it's pretty awesome. We have expanded to include hoodies and leggings. All enquiries via risenc.uniforms@gmail.com or via our store on Team App

We recently were awarded a diversity grant and have added in a dress alternative that includes a tank top and shorts. These were road tested in the 2020 5 week competition and make use of the same size chart below. Players can purchase black shorts at Big W or Kmart. Let us know if you would prefer to wear this on game day and we can loan out a tank top free of charge.


RISE teams will take the court feeling confident their uniform looks good, doesn't ride up and is lightweight to keep players cool under pressure. We aim to keep costs low, understanding that parents have budgets and uniform costs should never cause concern. Good pre-loved dresses can also be purchased where available at half price.


Uniform dress sizes.jpg


hoodie SC.JPG


Kids Leggings SC.JPG
Womens Leggings SC.JPG