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"Training indoors is great, no guessing if things will be cancelled due to poor weather, and no freezing, grumpy kids to wrangle home!"

- Clinton, Parent 


Rise uses indoor training facilities to minimise weather interruptions to training.

Rise believes the development of netballers requires training in multiple aspects and our training sessions focus on each of these key areas: 

1. Ball and court skills


2. Physical fitness and strength to endure a full, competitive game

3. Understanding the strategies of netball and how to read game-play 


4. Mindset and personal confidence to build resilience that can be taken into all facets of life


Rise Netball Club utilise undercover courts for training:

VU Community Sports Stadium @ Whitten Oval

417 Barkly St


Footscray High School - Barkly Campus

298 Barkly St


Footscray Primary School

Geelong Rd


Exact training time and location depends on the team, however sessions run on Tuesday and Wednesday after school at one of the locations above.

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